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Futurist Manifesto   The Harvest Years 1974 - 1978

box set - 3 October 2012

Be Bop Deluxe

Futurist Manifesto cover



Axe Victim

01)  Axe Victim

02)  Love Is Swift Arrows

03)  Jet Silver And The Dolls Of Venus

04)  Third Floor Heaven

05)  Night Creatures

06)  Rocket Cathedrals

07)  Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape

08)  Jets At Dawn

09)  No Trains To Heaven

10)  Darkness (L'immoraliste)


​11)  Stage Whispers

12)  Love With The Madman

13)  Maid In Heaven

14)  Sister Seagull

15)  Sound Track

16)  Music In Dreamland

17)  Jean Cocteau

18)  Between The Worlds

19)  Swan Song


​Futurama Bonus Tracks

01)  Between The Worlds (Original Single Version)

02)  Maid In Heaven (Live)

Sunburst Finish

03)  Fair Exchange

04)  Heavenly Homes

05)  Ships In The Night

06)  Crying To The Sky

07)  Sleep That Burns

08)  Beauty Secrets

09)  Life In The Air Age

10)  Like An Old Blues

11)  Crystal Gazing

12)  Blazing Apostles

Sunburst Finish Bonus Tracks

13)  Shine

14)  Speed Of The Wind

15)  Blue As A Jewel

16)  Ships In The Night (Single Edit)


Modern Music

01)  Orphans Of Babylon

02)  Twilight Capers

03)  Kiss Of Light

04)  The Bird Charmers Destiny

05)  The Gold At The End Of My Rainbow

06)  Bring Back The Spark

07)  Modern Music

08)  Dancing In The Moonlight (All Alone)

09)  Honeymoon On Mars

10)  Lost In The Neon World

11)  Dance Of The Uncle Sam Humanoids

12)  Modern Music (Reprise)

13)  Forbidden Lovers

14)  Down On Terminal Street

15)  Make The Music Magic

Modern Music Bonus Tracks

16)  Futurist Manifesto

17)  Quest For The Harvest Of The Stars

18)  Autosexual

19)  Japan


Drastic Plastic

01)  Electrical Language

02)  New Precision

03)  New Mysteries

04)  Surreal Estate

05)  Love In Flames

06)  Panic In The World

07)  Dangerous Stranger

08)  Superenigmatix

09)  Visions Of Endless Hopes

10)  Possession

11)  Islands Of The Dead

Drastic Plastic Bonus Tracks

12)  Blimps

13)  Lovers Are Mortal

14)  Lights

15)  Electrical Language (Single Edit)

16)  Love In Flames (Single Edit)

17)  Panic In The World (Single Edit)


Bonus Tracks

01)  The Saxophonist (Demo)

02)  Visions Of Endless Hopes (Demo)

03)  Blue As A Jewel (Demo)

04)  Speed Of The Wind (Demo)

05)  Possession (Rough Mix)

06)  Maid In Heaven (Top Of The Pops Backing Track)

07)  The Modern Music Suite (Live)

08)  Forbidden Lovers (Live)

09)  Down On Terminal Street (Live)

10)  Swan Song (Live)

11)  Heavenly Homes (Flashman Remix)


A 5CD box set which very nicely brings together remastered versions of all but three of the band's studio recordings issued in their lifetime. If that wasn't tempting enough in itself, then collectors were drawn to it by the inclusion of a disc of unreleased material and a few single edits including "Love in Flames" (which was presumably planned for 7" release but cancelled). The set was enhanced by a nicely illustrated booklet with sleeve notes on each album.

Be Bop Deluxe's output had appeared previously of course (see Past Releases below), but this was the most comprehensive collection of their studio work to have appeared officially, and is unlikely to be surpassed or supplemented in future.

Notable inclusions on this set are the previously unreleased live recordings from the tour that produced the Live! In The Air Age album (1977), including the full version of "Modern Music Suite" (which Nelson had to overdub to fix some missing parts), and "Swan Song" (appearing officially in its live version for the first time). "Forbidden Lovers" and "Terminal Street" are also included from the same recordings. In addition to this there are four demo recordings of songs written for Drastic Plastic, including the previously unheard track "The Saxophonist", alongside "Visions of Endless Hopes", "Blue as a Jewel", and "Speed of the Wind".  The only downside is the omission of "Face in the Rain" (which remained exclusive to The Best of and the Rest of Be Bop Deluxe double least until the Esoteric Recordings super-deluxe box sets included it several years later), and the "Teenage Archangel"/"Jets At Dawn" single (their 1973 debut 7").


Nearly four of the five CDs that comprise the Futurist Manifesto box set had been previously released on CD when the Be Bop Deluxe back catalogue was reissued in 1990, which is where most of the 'bonus tracks' could most recently be found prior to this repackaging of their catalogue. See individual entries of those albums for full details including vinyl editions of the same material.


This box set is now out of print.

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