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All The Fun Of The Fair

Bill Nelson

album - 3 November 2023

All The Fun Of The Fair - Cover
Fun Of The Fair - Flyer 1


01)  Beams Of Light

02)  Beep, Beep, Beep

03)  Roundabouts And Swings

04)  Man Of Dreams

05)  Electric Atlanta

06)  Push The Button, Spin The Dial

07)  Wanderings

08)  One AM

09)  Chelsea Flash

10)  All The Fun Of The Fair

11)  Madam Midnight

12)  Dance Of The Sonic Culture Gods

13)  Running From My Own Shadow

14)  The House Of Morpheus

15)  The Silent Hour

16)  Keep Your Telescope Focussed On The Stars


All the Fun of the Fair is an album comprising a mixture of song based and instrumental material issued on the Sonoluxe label in a limited edition of 1000 copies.

The album grew from the surplus material assembled for Marvellous Realms, mainly recorded between November 2021 and May 2022, but with four tracks, namely 'Beams of Light', 'Roundabouts and Swings', 'Electric Atlanta' and 'Wanderings' being recorded later, between May and October 2022.

All the Fun of the Fair was actually in the running to be used as the title of Marvellous Realms, when that album was known by its original title 'Man of Dreams'. Three songs, 'Man of Dreams', 'Running From My Own Shadow' and 'All the Fun of the Fair' were among the first group of thirteen tracks that Nelson published on the Dreamsville Forum as potential tracks for Marvellous Realms, but which ultimately would appear on All the Fun of the Fair.

The idea for a second album to be made from these recordings, initially called 'Here on Earth', was announced by Nelson on the Dreamsville Forum on 11 March 2022. By this point a total of 33 tracks had been completed for the two albums, although no indication was given regarding which would appear where. In fact, nine of the songs featured on All the Fun of the Fair were on that list. 

Further progress on the album was reported on 1 June 2022, when Nelson posted in the Dreamsville Journal that he had by then completed a total of 53 tracks for the new album projects, again without revealing which tracks would appear where. Comparing that list with the final track selections, reveals that he had by then completed a total of twelve tracks that would eventually make up the All the Fun of the Fair album.


All the Fun of the Fair was mastered at Fairview Studios by John Spence week commencing 21 November 2022, the artwork however, wasn't tackled by Nelson and passed over to Martin Bostock for preparation until September 2023.  

Pre-orders details for All the Fun of the Fair were announced by Burning Shed on 5 October 2023 with a release date of 3 November.




Available for purchase here in the Dreamsville Store.


"All The Fun Of The Fair is a merry-go-round of an album, recorded in 2022. Its 16 tracks take the listener on a colourful journey, with the 'Fair' of the album's title representing a metaphoric symbol for life itself.

Song-based vocal tracks make up the majority of the contents along with just a few instrumental interludes. I hope you'll enjoy its various rides and mysterious sideshows!"

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