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Electra (In Search Of The Golden Sound)

Bill Nelson

album - 1 July 2022

Electra - Cover
Electra Flyer - 3
Electra Flyer - Big Skirt
Elektra Flyer - 1
Electra Flyer - 4
Electra Flyer - Watch


01)  A Bell Awakened
02)  A Memory Lost

03)  The Dust That Falls From Dreams

04)  Autumn Vapours

05)  The Ache At The Heart Of The World

06)  Found In Foreverland

07)  Darkness Sparkles

08)  Endless Summer Ahead

09)  No Thoughts, I Think

10)  The Elegant Outsider

11)  In Search Of The Golden Sound

12)  This River Runs Deep



Electra (In Search of the Golden Sound) is an album of instrumentals pieces issued on the Sonoluxe label as a limited edition.

The album was first mentioned by Nelson as "progressing extremely well" in a Dreamsville forum post dated 26 April 2016 and was evidently completed by the time that Nelson revealed the final running order on 8 May 2016. This brought the tally of unreleased albums to twelve at that point.

Electra would sit patiently for six years, awaiting its turn to be heard, until in February 2022 it was chosen from the collection of unreleased material.

The album was mastered at Fairview Studios by John Spence with artwork compiled by Martin Bostock using images selected by Nelson as the album approached release.

Burning Shed started taking pre-orders for Electra on 14th April 2022 with the album initially being due for release in May. However, due to delays with the mastering process, the release date was pushed back to 1st July 2022.


This CD is available to purchase here in the Dreamsville Store.


"Electra is an album of guitar soundscapes, ambient improvisations and the occasional jazzy excursion. It continues and develops the style of albums such as Quiet Bells and Silvertone Fountains but has its own distinct character."

"Electra (In Search Of The Golden Sound) is one of several albums recorded between 2015 and 2019 that have languished unreleased in my archives for several years. I am slowly getting around to releasing them and they will all eventually see the light of day."

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