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Stupid Serious

Bill Nelson

album - 13 January 2023

Stupid Serious - Cover
Stupid Serious Flyer Butterfly Man (W)
Stupid Serious Flyer Woman (W)
Stupid Serious Flyer Bunny Head (W)
Stupid Serious Antennae Men (W)
Stupid Serious Animal Heads (W)
Stupid Serious Clown (W)
Stupid Serious Flyer-3 (W)
Stupid Serious Flyer-2 (W)
Stupid Serious Telephone Heads (W)
Stupid Serious Flyer-7 (W)


01)  Polishing The Chromes

02)  Time Is A Mechanism

03)  Silver Rain (Marooned In A Fairytale)

04)  Paging Mr. God

05)  Lo And Behold

06)  I Drift Away Amongst The Stars

07)  Domain Of Echo

08)  A Trembling In The Air

09)  Stupid-Stupid (Deep And Serious)

10)  Meek And Wild (The Ghost In Joe's Studio)

11)  We Were Young

12)  It's A Simple Life

13)  Tongues Of Fire (Resist)

14)  Nevermore

15)  A Face In The Mirror

16)  Dreams Turn To Dust

17)  Twilight Planetarium


Stupid/Serious is an album featuring a mixture of vocal and instrumental pieces released on the Sonoluxe label in a limited edition of 1000 copies.

Work on Stupid/Serious began concurrently with the later recordings used for the Awakening of Dr Dream album back in October 2016 but the two projects have little else in common.


The album was announced as "complete" in a Dreamsville forum post dated 11 January 2017 with a list of 12 tracks confirmed for inclusion with the final running order still to be decided upon.


However by the time the final track listing was posted on 1 February 2017 it was evident that recording work on Stupid/Serious had continued throughout January with the album content expanded to feature a total of 17 tracks.


Interestingly two tracks initially announced as being part of the album had been removed finding a home on Aqua Moon, another separate project that was largely recorded concurrently with Stupid/Serious.


Once completed Stupid/Serious would be added to Nelson's list of unreleased albums which at that point totalled 14 with no indication of when it could appear. That day finally arrived almost 6 years later.      


The album was mastered at Fairview Studios by John Spence week commencing 21 November 2022 with artwork compiled by Martin Bostock using images selected by Nelson as the album approached release.

Pre-orders for Stupid/Serious were announced by Burning Shed on 2 December 2022 with a CD release date of 13 January 2023.


Available for purchase here in the Dreamsville Store.




"Stupid/Serious is one of several albums recorded between 2016 and 2020 that have accrued in my archives whilst awaiting an opportunity for release. The album contains 17 tracks, some of which are vocal and some instrumental. The mood varies between light and dark, surreal psychedelia and avant-rock.

Recorded on my old hardware-based recording system, prior to the installation of my current software-based system, the sound is richly textured and full.

As always, there's a lot to take in and, hopefully, much to enjoy."

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