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Living For The Spangled Moment

Bill Nelson

mini-album -  8 September 1986

Living For The Spangled Moment - Cover


01)  Heart And Soul

02)  Living For The Spangled Moment

03)  Feast Of Lanterns

04)  Illusions Of You

05)  Word For Word

06)  Finks And Stooges Of The Spirit

07)  Nightbirds


Living for the Spangled Moment is a mini album issued by Portrait Records, comprising five tracks that had appeared as bonus tracks on the UK cassette edition of Getting the Holy Ghost Across.  As a special bonus, two exclusive tracks, "Feast of Lanterns" and "Nightbirds", were added to the mini-album to encourage those who had bought the cassette edition to add this to their collection.


Although marketed as a mini-album, the record was packaged more like a 12" single, in a thin card sleeve with no inner sleeve. 



All 7 tracks were added to the Sonoluxe reissue of Getting the Holy Ghost Across (2006).


All 7 tracks can be found on the Esoteric/Cocteau 2CD reissue of Getting the Holy Ghost Across (2013).

Getting the Holy Ghost Across, Chameleon, Chimera, Savage Gestures for Charm's Sake, Life in Your Hands,
Demonstrations of Affection, Luminous, Blue Moons and Laughing Guitars, My Secret Studio



"I REALLY love Living for the Spangled Moment and several others [from that period], both because they are especially good and because they struck those emotional chords at the time (and to some extent still do, even now).

That's what makes music special to me, how it connects with my thoughts, feelings and view of the world...and for me, no one does it better than Bill somehow."


"Word for Word":  "has just finished playing and it totally stopped me in my tracks.  A great song that I have heard many times has suddenly just clicked with me.  Great lyrics and vocal from you there, Bill."

finlay street:

"Living for the Spangled Moment" - "just the most perfect, beautiful song."


"Spangles: FOR THE UNINITIATED and our friends across the water...

Spangles were fruity boiled sweets, with a very slight fizz about them.  You could suck them thinner and thinner until you felt like you could cut your tongue on them, but upon trying they would always snap in your mouth.

'Old English' spangles were a more 'traditional' boiled sweetie, with flavours like butterscotch and humbug rather than a non-medicinal version of Tunes (a cold sweet).  They were a kind of aniseed/boiled molasses/cough medicine flavour and were the sort of sweets you ate for penitence.  They came in a black and white packet.

At one point, Spangles launched a 'guess the mystery flavour Spangle' competition.  There were two in a normal packet and they were wrapped in white waxed paper covered in question marks."


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