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The Lockdown Song (It's All Downhill From Here)

download single - 24 November 2020

Bill Nelson

Bill Nelson - The Lockdown Song - Cover


01)  The Lockdown Song


'The Lockdown Song (It's All Downhill From Here)' was recorded during the first UK lockdown resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, but when the situation eased up it, Nelson felt the track became redundant, so it just became a curio. But once the second lockdown happened, it seemed appropriate again and was made available as a free download, here in its unmastered state!


Available as a free digital download on this page, or in the
Free Downloads section.


"Titled 'The Lockdown Song (It's All Downhill From Here)', it was recorded during the first UK lockdown, but still seems it might be appropriate for the current moment. It's one of the Cubase recordings that I've amassed and will appear here in its raw, unmastered and naked state. (Heck, you're getting it for free, so don't expect it to be polished to burnished!)"


Regarding the Cover image: "Actually, it's not Pinocchio, though I can see why you might think it was. It's a paper mask of a 'funny' man with a moustache which I attached to an antique wooden wig stand. The hat is a children's party hat which I bought because it resembles a hat that Rupert Bear wore at a Christmas party in an old 1950s Rupert Annual story. I added it to the creation to bring more of a comic element to the image. I then placed it in our garden shed, a dusty, cobwebbed place, and photographed it through the window as if the man was looking out at the world from his confinement."

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