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Eros Arriving

Bill Nelson

single - 23 April 1982

Eros Arriving 7" - Cover
Eros Arriving D7" - Cover


7" Single:


A)  Eros Arriving (Single Version)

B)  Haunting In My Head

12" Single:


A)  Eros Arriving (Single Version)

B)  Haunting In My Head

C)  He And Sleep Were Brothers

D)  Flesh



A) is a remix of the song from the upcoming album The Love That Whirls.

B, C, & D) were all non-album tracks.


Eros Arriving was the lead single from, and issued ahead of, The Love That Whirls album. This was Nelson's second and final double 7" in gatefold artwork, including 4 previously unreleased tracks that were all recorded during The Love That Whirls sessions.


Note: there is an Australian pressing of this single on which "Eros Arriving" plays out to a natural end rather than fading out.


All four songs were included on The Two Fold Aspect of Everything comp (out of print).
B, C, & D) were included on a US/Canada ep entitled Flaming Desire and Other Passions.
C & D) were also included on the 1986 and 1989 CD issues of The Love That Whirls.




B, C, & D) were added to the remastered 2005 CD of The Love That Whirls.

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