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Luxury Wonder Moments

Bill Nelson

album - 8 May 2017

Luxury Wonder Moments - Cover
Luxury Wonder Moments page 3
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01)  Blue Dawn

02)  Cloudwater Canal

03)  Parade Of The Inhabitants Of A Phantom Fairground

04)  Spindrift

05)  The Elegant Parabola

06)  Axiomata

07)  Rain Falls On Sleepytown

08)  Sweethearts In Swimsuits

09)  What Time Is This Space?

10)  The Clouded Mirror

11)  Like Clockwork

12)  Astro-Astoria

13)  The Gliding Club

14)  The Grand Magician Brings A Blessing

15)  And There I Am

16)  We Hail The Wind Down Long Arcades

17)  Another Luxury Wonder Moment

18)  Snow Light


Luxury Wonder Moments is an album of guitar instrumentals released on the Sonoluxe label in a limited print run of 500 copies.  The album was first mentioned on the Dreamsville Forum on 6 November 2015.

The album grew out of material left over from a vocal album called Amplified Dreams and Wild Surprises which was completed in November 2015, but which currently remains unreleased.  In early November Nelson revealed a draft running order for Luxury Wonder Moments comprised of 11 tracks, including one track "Thought Bubbles" which didn’t make it to mastering stage (at least not for this project).  By 16 November 2015 the track listing had expanded to 17 tracks, although Nelson was determined to add an extra track before considering the album complete.  A few days after announcing this intention, Nelson was unable to make any further progress on the album when his mixing desk finally failed on him, requiring it to be dispatched off for much needed overdue repairs.  This would prevent him from completing any further new work until the New Year.

Meanwhile, in the run up to Christmas 2015, Nelson confessed that he hadn’t managed to record a new tune for his by now customary Christmas Video Card, and so lifted a track from the Luxury Wonder Moments album called "Snow Light" (which wasn’t on the running order revealed in November 2015).  "Snow Light" and "The Christmas Gift" (from Simplex) were set to various stills of his guitars.

The album was mastered on 4 March 2016 at Fairview Studio, by which time Nelson confirmed he had added that 18th track.  Artwork would however take over a year to complete, and although Nelson dropped a number of hints that the release of Luxury Wonder Moments was high on the list of unreleased albums, it would take 14 months from mastering to its eventual release.


Available for purchase as a digital download here in the
Dreamsville Store.

Illuminated At Dusk, Silvertone Fountains, Palace of Strange Voltages, Mazda KaleidoscopeAlbion Dream

And We Fell Into A Dream, Dreamland to Starboard, Fables & Dreamsongs, Quiet BellsGleaming w/o Lights


"Luxury Wonder Moments is, as the title suggests, a rich, lavish album of gleaming instrumentals with an array of sounds, guitars and keyboards.  Containing 18 tracks in total, it offers a dreamy, immersive listening experience."



"Really enjoying this extremely classy guitar album.  Such a clear, "true", direct sound - a master at work, and one of those albums you'd expect to win awards, in a more reasonable universe.  Anyone who loves, say, Silvertone Fountains or And We Fell Into A Dream, should purchase this immediately, if you haven't already."

"I must say I find this album very accessible, with much that grabs you straight away, intriguing and lovely melodic detours and surprises, etc."


"This release is up there with Quiet Bells, And We Fell Into A Dream and Mazda Kaleidoscope, yup it's that damn good.

The first track harks back to "Raindrop Collector" (from And We Fell Into A Dream) and continues with this mellow vibe throughout the whole album.  Genius.

Buy it now (if you have yet to take the plunge) dive in and savour the moments."



"Really stunning tracks, red hot guitar work."

"It reminded me very much of And We Fell Into A Dream - cannot say fairer than that!


Beautiful music."


"I normally prefer Bill's vocal albums but Luxury Wonder Moments oozes class.  An entire album where every track is as good as or better than the best of Illuminated At Dusk and Silvertone Fountains.

Comsat Angel:

"Received Luxury Wonder Moments and listened to it last night.
I found it wonderfully peaceful with excellent subtle moments.  I loved it just as much as Dr Dream and Kid Flip but for very different reasons."


"This is the second new release in a row that grabbed me right away and forced a complete listen on first play (rare anymore with so many distractions). 

Can't wait for a second play today in the office.  I always get one or two people that pop their heads in going, "Who is that?"


"Got mine yesterday and listened on the way in this morning... and as of now I think that album is the only thing keeping me sane!"

"Its got just that right balance of beauty and quirk if you ask me!"


"Well, after all the very positive comments on LWM I thought, "hang on, what am I missing here?"  
I've been playing it again over the holiday weekend and yes, it has 'clicked'...big time!

"The Gliding Club" is absolutely gorgeous!  Bill at his glorious best, beautiful guitar soaring above the clouds!"


"Heavenly.  Another classic.  Thanks Bill."

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