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Wah-Wah Galaxy

Bill Nelson

album - 6 November 2004

Wah-Wah Galaxy - Cover
Wah Wah Galaxy page 2
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01)  Wah-Wah Galaxy No.1

02)  Bridge Across The Void

03)  After Midnite (Twang, Echo, And Hoedown)

04)  The Six Coiled Serpent

05)  Confessions Of A Psychedelic Dandy

06)  Skylark's Rise

07)  Blue Sparks Flying

08)  Nothing Is The New Something

09)  Old Weirdola

10)  The Orson Welles Memorial Sleighride

11)  My Sputnik Sweetheart

12)  Rattlin' Trams

13)  Trip Thang

14)  Pure Joy

15)  Duane's Dream

16)  De Soto


Wah-Wah Galaxy is an album of guitar instrumentals issued exclusively for Nelsonica '04.  It was pressed in a limited run of 500 copies on the Almost Opaque label, the final release to appear on this label.  Nelsonica '04 attendees could purchase a second copy and forward to fans unable to attend the event in person.  Copies that remained after Nelsonica were sold through SOS, and were sold out by the time Nelson launched his new website Dreamsville in April 2005.


Available for purchase as a digital download here in the Dreamsville Store.

Romance of Sustain, Plectrajet, Sparkle Machine, Custom Deluxe, Plaything, Dreamland to Starboard,
Astroloops, And We Fell Into A Dream, Gleaming Without Lights, The Awakening of Dr Dream, Loom


"Bridge Across the Void":  "three minute twenty six second sound collage that painstakingly evokes the piece's title.
A soundtrack for an imaginary film sequence as might be co-directed by David Lynch and Walt Disney after experiencing a neo-religious, mystical epiphany."

"De Soto":  "Those of you into American car culture will know that a 'De Soto' is an early 1960's, big finned, chromium plated, gas-guzzling monster of an automobile.  The kind of car I once dreamed of driving in my early teens.

My track is inspired by that particular go-go-machine.  It's an atomic guitar instrumental that sounds as if it is being played by a punk cowpoke as he zooms down an electric highway at hyper speed.  Neon cacti flash past as our hero puts the pedal to the metal and vamooses into a vast desert sunset, cackling and crackling like a demented country geetar wrangler.  Hi-ho silver strings awaaayyyy!!!"

"[The album cover] is pure 'computer painting', an abstract art piece I created from scratch on my Mac for both the album and the Nelsonica poster that matches it."



"One of my all time favourite BN albums.  I think it is the sheer scope and variety.  Rock, pop, ambient, weird, funny.  You name it, it is there.  In fact it is "Pure Joy"."


"This album opens with a kick-ass rocker of a title song...Bill showing his absolute mastery of the wah-wah pedal.  A blistering, rollicking rocker.  The rest of the album features a diverse collection of songs...loud ones, smoothly melodic ones, quirky ones...a microcosm of Bill's work in one album (except for the long-form instrumental).  "Skylark's Rise" has that singing e-bow, "Blue Sparks Flying" has Bill letting loose and getting a bit nasty (with a great bass line), "Nothing is the New Something" is a simply mind-blowing thing, and on and on right through to the closing track, "De Soto" which put a BIG smile on my face -- just a fun one, believe me!

Another Bill Nelson treasure."


"Confessions of a Psychedelic Dandy": "wow, this one really hit home...with one of Bill's trademark extended endings!

The final trio of songs, "Pure Joy", "Duane's Dream", and "De Soto" are all awesome, and could have been bonus tracks on any of the CDs from this set, which includes Dreamland to Starboard and The Romance of Sustain."


"Wah Wah opening track is just theeee most uplifting, pulse-quickening groove-tastic track for me.  If I'm needing a boost, it's either that or "Take It Off and Thrill Me (rock version)".  Life changing stuff."


"Nice companion to Custom Deluxe actually.  Has the same sense of adventure and anything-goes variety.  Great headphone ear candy too.  Bill does so much crazy stuff that gets buried in the mix.  "Nothing is the New Something" is a personal favorite, as is "Confessions of a Psychedelic Dandy"."

"Another indispensable guitar album.  If you like Custom Deluxe or Plaything, this is right in line with those albums."

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