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Luxury Lodge

Bill Nelson

album - 14 August 2003

Luxury Lodge - Cover


01)  Flux Of Desire

02)  Golden Balloon

03)  Relaxin' With Bill At Luxury Lodge

04)  I Swear That The Girl In The Painting Moved

05)  The Birds In The Sky Say Hi!

06)  Smoke And Vine

07)  Pretty Little Bubble Of Dreams

08)  Hank And Duane In Reverbland

09)  Wonder Of The Moment

10)  Moon Rocket Highway


Luxury Lodge is an album issued exclusively for Nelsonica '03, in the then customary limited pressing of 500 copies on the Almost Opaque label. As with The Romance of Sustain, it had appeared as a pre-release item at the Gateshead showing of Flashlight Dreams and Fleeting Shadows ahead of its official launch at Nelsonica '03. Copies were also sold at Nelsonica, allowing attendees the opportunity to purchase a second copy and forward to fans unable to attend the event in person.  Although this was repeated for the Nelsonica '04 release (Wah Wah Galaxy), this practice would cease for Nelsonica '05 (Orpheus in Ultraland), in order to give overseas fans a fairer chance of getting hold of the unsold stock.


Available for purchase as a digital download here in the
Dreamsville Store.

Orpheus in Ultraland, Romance of Sustain, Special Metal, Shining Reflector, Satellite Songs,
Clocks & Dials, Astral Motel, Plaything, Wah-Wah Galaxy, Custom Deluxe, Fantasmatron



"Wonder of the Moment": "As far as I remember, (and I think John Spence can back me up on this), I created the song in a moment of inspiration whilst working on a recording session at Fairview Studios, (it may have been the Practically Wired sessions). Emiko was away in Japan and I was missing her terribly and that feeling became the emotional foundation for the song. I recorded it fairly spontaneously at Fairview with John engineering and later released it on a Nelsonica album...I later expanded the lyric to make the song suitable for a live performance."

"The album contains some favourite tracks of mine from that period, including "Flux of Desire" and "Golden Balloon".  Also, one of the instrumentals from the 1990s live shows, "Moon Rocket Highway" features, along with the vocal "Wonder of the Moment" which later made an appearance in the 2004 'Be Bop Deluxe And Beyond' tour.
This is a rare and richly varied album which will appeal to all fans of my work."



"It's great to see folks discovering this album! It combines some of the old songwriting styles with a new vision and energy somehow. It surprised me a bit when it came out, the ease Bill has of crafting a perfect pop song.

"I've come back to this album a lot when I want to play a Bill CD, but can't decide which one.

"This disc has some hidden gems and a connection to Atom Shop that I can't explain - something about the rhythms and the upbeat nature of the songs."


"Never thought I'd ever hear this album, having not been able to attend the Nelsonica.
Thank you soooooo much Bill, from one of your biggest fans.

"The songs are great. A perfect representation of your sound at the time. A Guitar lover's feast."

Chimera Man:

"A cracking album. "Wonder of the Moment" is one of the most beautiful songs Bill has released - one of his best vocals too."

Merv Mash:

"Am presently away form my wife and family in China...The opening lines of "The Wonder of the Moment" are so right just now:

When you're sleeping
Can you hear me, far away now, over oceans,
When the wonder of the moment strikes you down.

In the silence
Can you hear me, in the darkness, in the distance
When the wonder of the moment turns you round.

Thanks Bill."

Johnny Jazz:

"Wonder of the Moment": "Hauntingly beautiful."


"Golden Balloon": "What a perfect golden nugget of Pop-Rock loftiness (mixing metaphors here). I love this track!"


"The Wonder of the Moment": "is just sublime..."Relaxin' with Bill" - superb...and the closing "Moon Rocket Highway" has some of the best guitar running all the way through...what a great album - rich pickings throughout..."

"Pretty Little Bubble of Dreams": "Can't stop putting it on repeat - fantastic pop song - just right for this warm weather..."


"Pretty Little Bubble of Dreams": "Some vibes from pop heaven..."


"All I can say is how can you listen to "Moon Rocket Highway" and not smile?"


"Flux of Desire": "is one of my most favorite tracks ever. Worth the price of admission alone."


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