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The Lockdown Song

2020 download single

The Rumbler

2017 download single


2013 Sara's Hope download track

Think and You'll Miss It

2012 download single

Holey Moley, It's a Parallel World

2010 Sara's Hope download track

Soluna Oriana

2010 Mick Karn Appeal download track

Rocket to the Moon

2009 Sara's Hope download track

I Hear Electricity

2008 download single

A Million Whistling Milkmen

2008 Sara's Hope download track

Dreamsville Poetry Experiment

2007 download track

Contemplation 2007

2007 download track

Six Strings for Sara

2007 Sara's Hope download track

The Dead We Wake With Upstairs Drums

1992 single

Life in Your Hands

1989 single

Secret Ceremony

1987 single

Cote D'Azur

1986 ep

Wildest Dreams

1986 single


1985 ep

Giants of the Perpetual Wurlitzer

1984 ep


1984 single

Hard Facts From the Fiction Department

1984 ep

The World and His Wife

1983 ep

Touch and Glow

1983 ep

Dancing on a Knife's Edge

1983 ep

King of the Cowboys

1982 ep

Flaming Desire

1982 single

Eros Arriving

1982 single


1982 ep

Tony Goes to Tokyo

1981 single side

Living in My Limousine

1981 single

Youth of Nation on Fire

1981 single


1981 single

Rooms with Brittle Views

1981 single

Do You Dream in Colour?

1980 single

Revolt Into Style

1979 single

Furniture Music

1979 single

Electrical Language

1978 single

Panic in the World

1978 single


1977 single

Hot Valves

1976 compilation ep

Kiss of Light

1976 single

Ships in the Night

1976 single

Maid in Heaven

1975 single

Between the Worlds

1975 single

Jet Silver

1974 single

Teenage Archangel

1973 single

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