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Please enjoy these gifts from Bill
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Brave Flag - Cover (Small)
Brave Flag/Mondo Bravado

Released August 2022

Ukrainian appeal charity single

Lockdown Song - Cover (W).jpg
The Lockdown Song (It's All Downhill From Here)

Released November 2020

Variation On The Theme Of A White Christmas.jpg
Variation On The Theme Of A White Christmas

Released December 2017

The Rumbler - Cover
The Rumbler/Perfidia 2017

Released October 2017

Loom - Cover

Released December 2015

For track and album info - Click here

Silent Night.jpg
Silent Night

Released December 2012

Think And You'll Miss It - Cover
Think And You'll Miss It/Beat Street

Released December 2012

Hip Pocket Jukebox - Cover
Hip Pocket Jukebox

Released December 2011

For track and album info - Click here


Released December 2010

Soluna Oriana - Cover
Soluna Oriana

Released June 2010

The Jingler.jpg
The Jingler

Released December 2009

I Hear Electricity - Cover
I Hear Electricity/Kiss You Slow

Released December 2008

Dreamsville Poetry Experiment - Cover
Dreamsville Poetry Experiment

Released December 2007

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