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Axe Victim
Feb 26, 2022
In William's World
First episode of Jane McDonalds "My Yorkshire" Jane shows you around Wakefield and yes it shows Bills "Star" on the Wakefield "Walk of Fame". Plus some old footage of the city centre . You might be able to find it on catch up 😉
Axe Victim
Mar 29, 2021
In William's World
Listening today to Saturdays "Stereo Underground" via BBC Sounds. Its a fantastic programme well recommended. Richard Latto the DJ played a live version of Be Bop Deluxes "Ships in the Night" I know i can hear the groans from here. I've previously been in touch with Richard for requests etc and he has alawys been quite obliging. I am going to get back in touch and give him the heads up on Bills still active career and ask him to play something more in the style of recent Bill. What would be the fave rave to recommend to Richard...any ideas. I know what a choice
Axe Victim
May 18, 2019
In William's World
As usual around this time I get a little twitchy on the cusp of a new Bill Nelson CD being released. Jon I know you said to look out for the Burning Shed e mail (still waiting) Will we get a e mail bulletin as well like previously from the Dreamsville site?

Axe Victim

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