May 18

New Release

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As usual around this time I get a little twitchy on the cusp of a new Bill Nelson CD being released.

Jon I know you said to look out for the Burning Shed e mail (still waiting)

Will we get a e mail bulletin as well like previously from the Dreamsville site?

May 18

Yes, there will be the normal Dreamsville notifications sent out! As long as you’re signed up to receive email notifications. Hopefully the new Burning Shed pre-order facility will give all fans the opportunity to secure their copy as they will manufacture enough copies to cover ALL pre-orders. It will be the first album to use this facility, so it will be interesting to see how well it works!

New Posts
  • Can anyone tell me if Bill tunes his instruments to A = 432 htz
  • Hey guys so I'm just looking for some advice as someone who is completely new to playing an instrument. I've been wanting to try learning an instrument for a while and I've been interested particularly in brass and woodwind instruments. I know learning them can be quite hard and time consuming but if I really enjoy it I can spend 1-2 hours most days practicing. The main instrument I've been looking at, the oboe, I've read and been told is one of the hardest instruments and should not be a hobby instrument. I would like to be able to play beginner music within a year or so, should I even bother with the oboe? Do instruments like the flute and trumpet have easier learning curves? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Just playing disc 1 (got copy off Ebay) - sounds fab - any fan thoughts?

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