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Bill Nelson

retrospective collection - October 1984

Vistamix cover


A1)  The Real Adventure (from Chimera)

A2)  Flaming Desire (from The Love That Whirls)
A3)  Acceleration (from Chimera)
A4)  Empire Of The Senses (from The Love That Whirls)

A5)  Everyday Feels Like Another New Drug (from Chimera)

B1)  Do You Dream In Colour? (from Quit Dreaming And Get On The Beam)

B2)  A Kind Of Loving (from Quit Dreaming And Get On The Beam)

B3)  Tender Is The Night (from Chimera)

B4)  Glow World (from Chimera)

B5)  Another Day, Another Ray Of Hope (from Chimera)


Vistamix is an expanded edition of the Chimera mini-album, issued in the US on Portrait Records. The six tracks from Chimera were accompanied by 2 songs each from the previous two albums (Quit Dreaming and Get On the Beam and The Love That Whirls). This would cause later US reissues of both albums to have their track listing amended to avoid having the same material on more than one release. See separate entries for details.



Vistamix was later released on CD twice in the US (1989 and 91).



Out of print in this form, all the material was included on the 2005 Mercury remasters (some of which are also out of print in physical form). Digital downloads are available through major online retailers.

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