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The Two-Fold Aspect of Everything

Bill Nelson

retrospective 2CD collection - February 1985

Two-Fold Aspect of Everything cover


Original UK 2 record set:

Eaux D'Artifice

A1)  Acceleration (Remix) (Acceleration single, 1984)
A2)  White Sound (Living in My Limousine single, 1981)

A3)  Living In My Limousine (Remix) (Living in My Limousine single, 1981)

A4)  Flesh (Eros Arriving double single, 1982)
A5)  Eros Arriving (Single Version(Eros Arriving single, 1982)

A6)  Hope For The Heartbeat (Remix(U.S. promo single, 1982)

A7)  The Passion (Flaming Desire single, 1982)

B1)  Ideal Homes (Do You Dream In Colour? single, 1980)

B2)  Instantly Yours (Do You Dream In Colour? single, 1980)

B3)  Atom Man Loves Radium Girl (Do You Dream In Colour? single, 1980)

B4)  Mr. Magnetism Himself (Banal single, 1981)

B5)  The Burning Question (Flaming Desire 12" single, 1982)

B6)  Haunting In My Head (Eros Arriving single, 1982)

B7)  He And Sleep Were Brothers (Eros Arriving double single, 1982)

Confessions Of A Four Track Mind

C1)  Connie Buys A Kodak (Sleepcycle club ep, 1982)

C2)  Be My Dynamo (Youth Of Nation On Fire single, 1981)

C3)  Touch And Glow (single from the Permanent Flame box set, 1982)

C4)  Love Without Fear (Touch And Glow single from the Permanent Flame box set, 1982)

C5)  Dada Guitare (Rooms With Brittle Views single, 1981)

C6)  Turn To Fiction (Banal 12" single, 1981)

D1)  Rooms With Brittle Views (non-album single, 1981)

D2)  Love In The Abstract (Living In My Limousine single, 1981)

D3)  Hard Facts From The Fiction Department (title track from a non-album club ep, 1984)

D4)  Hers Is A Lush Situation (Banal 12" single, 1981)

D5)  When The Birds Return (Sleepcycle club ep, 1982)

D6)  All My Wives Were Iron (Youth Of Nation On Fire 12" single, 1981)

1989 UK single CD:

Same running order as above, but deleted the following:  A1, A2, A3, A6.

1989 US 2CD set:

Same track listing as the original vinyl release, except:
A1 was replaced with "The Beat That Can't Go Wrong Today" (Sleepcycle club ep, 1982), and
D3 was replaced with "Daily Bells" (Hard Facts From The Fiction Department club ep, 1984)


The Two-Fold Aspect of Everything was initially issued as a double album on vinyl on Cocteau Records (the first of just two releases in the Cocteau Collectors series). The double vinyl was condensed into a single CD for UK release, removing tracks that had been issued as bonus cuts on the CD versions of Quit Dreaming and Get on the Beam and The Love That Whirls (both 1986) and/or included on Duplex (1989)


All editions of this compilation are out of print, but half of the original double album is available on the following reissues:
Quit Dreaming  (Mercury, 2005): contains A2, A3, B4, C2, D1, D2 and D6.
The Love That Whirls  (Mercury, 2005): contains A4, A6, A7, B6 and B7.
Chimera  (Mercury, 2005): contains D3.
The Practice of Everyday Life  (Esoteric, 2011): contains A7 and B4.

Currently there appears to be no plans to reissue The Two Fold Aspect of Everything.

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