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Permanent Flame

Bill Nelson

retrospective box set - November 1982

Permanent Flame cover
Do You Dream in Colour cover
Panic in the World cover
Revot Into Style cover
Touch and Glow cover
Rooms with Brittle Views alternate cover


Do You Dream In Colour?


A)  Do You Dream In Colour?

B1)  Ideal Homes

B2)  Instantly Yours

B3)  Atom Man Loves Radium Girl

Bill Nelson's Be Bop Deluxe

A)  Panic In The World

B1)  Maid In Heaven

B2)  Electrical Language

Bill Nelson's Red Noise

A)  Revolt Into Style

B1)  Stay Young

B2)  Furniture Music

Touch And Glow


A)  Touch And Glow

B1)  Dancing In The Wind

B2)  Love Without Fear


Rooms With Brittle Views


A)  Rooms With Brittle Views

B)  Dada Guitare


Permanent Flame is that rather unusual beast, a box set of 7" singles, which was compiled to provide fans with a novel compilation covering the period 1975 to 1982. It therefore contained Be Bop Deluxe, Red Noise and Bill Nelson material and contained a useful discography sheet and badge.

Two of the Bill Nelson singles were presented in the same form as they had appeared when originally issued, whereas the Be Bop and Red Noise discs were essentially EP compilations that were newly compiled in exclusive picture sleeves. The fourth disc was the previously unreleased Touch and Glow single which provided the long term fan with 3 new tracks.



The box set is long out of print.

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