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Bop to the Red Noise

Be Bop Deluxe

retrospective collection - August 1986

Bop to the Red Noise cover


A1)  Ships In The Night

A2)  Life In The Air Age

A3)  Maid In Heaven

A4)  Jean Cocteau

A5)  Third Floor Heaven

A6)  Rocket Cathedrals

B1)  No Trains To Heaven 

B2)  Orphans Of Babylon

B3)  Modern Music

B4)  New Precision

B5)  Don't Touch Me (I'm Electric)

B6)  For Young Moderns


Bop to the Red Noise is a single album issued only on vinyl via the budget DOJO label. It offers the new listener quite a baffling mixture of Be Bop Deluxe and Red Noise material.


The album covers the period between 1974-79 reasonably evenly, although Drastic Plastic gets one track, whereas Axe Victim gets three. Issued at a time when nearly everything issued by the band had been deleted (Sunburst Finish, on its third issue, was their only album in print), Bop to the Red Noise was soon deleted and quickly forgotten about.


All 12 tracks on this compilation album were taken from the five Be Bop Deluxe studio albums and the sole Red Noise album. See individual entries of those albums for full details.


This compilation is now out of print.

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