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Tremulous Antenna

retrospective collection - 27 May 2002

Be Bop Deluxe

Tremulous Antenna cover


01)  Life In The Air Age

02)  Sister Seagull

03)  Third Floor Heaven

04)  Blazing Apostles

05)  Maid In Heaven

06)  Kiss Of Light

07)  Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape

08)  Fair Exchange

09)  Ships In The Night

10)  Modern Music/Dancing In The Moonlight/Honeymoon On Mars/Lost In The Neon World/Modern Music (Reprise)

11)  New Precision

12)  Superenigmatix

13)  Possession

14)  Dangerous Stranger

15)  Islands Of The Dead

16)  Panic In The World


Tremulous Antenna is a remastered edition of the Radioland CD (1994) which provides a compilation of the band's BBC recordings for In Concert made in 1976 and 1978. Sourced from 3 different shows, each recording was edited when compared to the original broadcast material.
The subsequent release of At the BBC 1974-1978 (2013) with the inclusion of the previously omitted tracks makes this CD redundant.
Tracks 1-4: Recorded for BBC's 'Radio 1 In Concert' at the Paris Theatre 15.01.76. Producer Jeff Griffin.
Tracks 5-10: Recorded for BBC's 'Radio 1 In Concert' at the Hammersmith Odeon 20.10.76. Producer Pete Dauncey.

Tracks 11-16: Recorded for BBC's 'Radio 1 In Concert' at Golders Green Hippodrome 19.01.78. Producer Jeff Griffin.



Previously released as Radioland (1994).


This compilation is now out of print.

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