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The Hermetic Jukebox

Orchestra Arcana

retrospective 2CD collection - 16 December 2002

Hermetic Jukebox cover squared
Hermetic Jukebox alternate cover



01)  Christ Via Wires

02)  Clock Conscious

03)  I Wonder

04)  Eastern Electric

05)  Search And Listen

06)  News From Nowhere

07)  One Man's Fetish Is Another Man's Faith

08)  Right, Then Left

09)  Iconography

10)  The Gods Speak

11)  Life Class

12)  Altar Natives

13)  Sex, Psyche, Etcetera


Extra Tracks:

14)  Several Famous Orchestras

15)  Who He Is



01)  Exactly The Way You Want It

02)  Why Be Lonely

03)  Everyday Is A Better Day

04)  The Receiver And The Fountain Pen

05)  Welcome Home, Mr. Kane

06)  This Is True

07)  Greeting A New Day

08)  The Breath In My Father's Saxophone

09)  Our Lady Of Apparitions

10)  The Whole City Between Us

11)  Deva Dance

12)  Always Looking Forward To Tomorrow

13)  World Thru' Fast Car Window

14)  Profiles, Hearts, Stars

15)  Daughter Of Dream Come True

16)  Alchemia


Extra Tracks:

17)  Um, Ah Good Evening

18)  Kut Up In Cartoonsville

19)  Short Wave


The Hermetic Jukebox is a limited edition 2CD boxed set that compiles both albums that Bill Nelson released under the name Orchestra Arcana, Iconography, and Optimism. For details about each album, please check out their individual pages in the album section of the discography. This set includes the first appearance on CD of the two b-sides from the first Orchestra Arcana ep, Sex, Psyche, Etc. The second CD also contains the 3 bonus tracks that had been added onto the original UK CD.


Although this CD set is now out of print, the individual albums are expected to be made available as digital downloads at some point.

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