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Singles As and Bs

Be Bop Deluxe

retrospective collection - 19 June 1981

Singles As & Bs lp cover
Singles As & Bs CD cover


A1)  Jet Silver And The Dolls Of Venus

A2)  Between The Worlds  

A3)  Maid In Heaven  

A4)  Ships In The Night  

A5)  Kiss Of Light  

A6)  Japan  

A7)  Panic In The World  

A8)  Electrical Language

B1)  Third Floor Heaven

B2)  Lights  

B3)  Crying To The Sky  

B4)  Shine  

B5)  Futurist Manifesto  

B6)  Blue As A Jewel  

B7)  Surreal Estate


Singles As and Bs is a single album that neatly brings together the Be Bop Deluxe singles issued on Harvest, including 3 singles edits that were appearing on album for the first time. Collectors were drawn to this album (when initially released on vinyl in 1981) by the inclusion of "Between the Worlds", the band's third single, which was withdrawn shortly after its original release in 1975. However, by the time this collection had appeared on CD in '92, that super rare track had re-appeared on the Futurama CD as a bonus cut. All the tracks on this album, including the 7" edits, can be found on the more comprehensive Futurist Manifesto box set issued in 2012.



All 15 tracks on this compilation album had originally appeared spread across the band's eight 7" singles issued on Harvest. See individual entries of those singles for full details. In addition to "Between the Worlds", 4 of the 'B' sides and 1 other 'A' side were non-album cuts when first released although all five of these tracks had been included on The Best of and the Rest of Be Bop Deluxe double album a little over 2 years previously.

The album was released on CD in 1992 with different artwork.


This compilation is now out of print.

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