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Raiding the Divine Archive

Be Bop Deluxe

retrospective collection - March 1987

Raiding the Divine Archive lp cover
Raiding the Divine Archive CD cover


A1)  Jet Silver And The Dolls Of Venus

A2)  Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape

A3)  Maid In Heaven

A4)  Ships In The Night  

A5)  Life In The Air-Age  

A6)  Kiss Of Light

A7)  Sister Seagull

B1)  Modern Music  

B2)  Japan  

B3)  Panic In The World  

B4)  Bring Back The Spark

B5)  Forbidden Lovers

B6)  Electrical Language


The CD version added the following tracks:

14)  Fair Exchange

15)  Sleep That Burns

16)  Between The Worlds

17)  Music In Dreamland


Raiding the Divine Archive is a compilation offering the new listener an introduction to Be Bop Deluxe. The LP appeared first in March 1987 on vinyl and cassette, and featured 13 tracks.



All the songs on this compilation album were taken from the six albums released in the band's lifetime, issued between 1974 and 1978. When this compilation was issued on CD in April 1990, it was the first time Be Bop Deluxe material had been presented on CD, and as such, confined itself to their best known material. The CD version featured new artwork and added four extra tracks.


This compilation is now out of print in physical form, but is available to download from online stores.

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