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Surreal Garden
Nov 21, 2021
In World Outside The Window
Does anyone know why my profile pic isn't loading? When trying to upload, the area where it's meant to go (with the automatically added grey head) just spins and spins forever and ever and ever and ever (ad infinitum!!!). 😠 Extremely annoying, but am I doing something wrong or is it a website issue? The image is very small at only around 670kb and I'm using a Google Chrome browser. Correct answers only, not on a postcard please 😁
Surreal Garden
Nov 20, 2021
In World Outside The Window
😀 Hello again to the folk of Dreamsville! It's taken me an absolute age to re-register on the new website, but I'm here at last. You may remember me from the past as Garden of Surreal Dreams, but while that still remains the name of my very occasional and ongoing musical sound project, I've decided to slim it down for my online moniker here. I've been checking in on Dreamsville shenanigans regularly though, so I think I'm mostly fully up to date on all matters Nelsonic 😎 Anyway, it's late now but I'll add a forum post here and there when I feel the need. I hope you are all well enough these days!

Surreal Garden

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