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Surreal Garden
Nov 07, 2022
In World Outside The Window
🌟 A thread to recommend limited editions on CD, Vinyl or Cassette, where copies are still available to buy at the time of adding – No ‘download only’ options as they aren't limited – Physical editions only please (download might be free with physical). No need to mention Bill’s CDs here either, as thankfully we all hear about those anyway – I’m thinking releases by other artists that might be somewhere under the radar, or even over the rainbow! 😍 I’ll start with this fabulous 15-track album for lovers of darkly atmospheric, yet beautiful music – evoking melancholy with moments of light that together make a peaceful whole. For me, this album is a stunning piece of work and with the lush packaging it really is a joy to behold. One of my favourite albums from recent times – put on headphones, turn off lights, relax and drift into wonder! Lullabies For The Lost’ by Peter James & Jenny Jo Oakley. Jenny Jo Oakley: vocals, piano, guitar, accordion, clarinet, flute & percussion. Peter James: soundscapes, vocal arrangements, bells, field recordings, spoken word, production, mixing & mastering. • Strictly limited to 50 copies only, the CD comes in a foil printed A5 box, complete with 16-page A5 printed booklet containing paintings (by Jenny Jo) & photographs (by Peter). It also comes with a set of 3 high quality A5 prints, with each package being unique as no set of prints are the same. Listen at the Bandcamp link and if you want one, grab a copy while still available! • Peter James is an ambient musician, sound designer, engineer, producer and photographer, currently living in Scotland. For 7 years he was a full-time member of global music collective 48 Cameras (founded by Jean Marie Mathoul) with a changing line-up that included guests such as Martyn Bates (Eyeless in Gaza), Michael Begg (award-winning sound artist) and Robin Rimbaud (Scanner), among others. He’s released albums under his own name and collaborated with ambient maestro Steve Brand, Nick Grey & the Random Orchestra, Dean Richards (under the name Still Earth). He’s mastered albums for artists such as Leanna Primiani (award-winning classical composer), Chronotope Project, Broken Harbour, plus others including compilations for earthMantra label. Also of interest is that Peter’s brother is Mark Beazley (founder of the band Rothko) and they’ve worked briefly together in the past. • Jenny Jo Oakley is a painter and musician based in Portland, Oregon, USA. She records a type of neo-folk music and has released two solo albums under her project name Empty Vessel Music. I hope some of you enjoy my recommendation and it’ll be interesting to see which releases other forum users will add to this thread 😎
Surreal Garden
Nov 21, 2021
In World Outside The Window
Does anyone know why my profile pic isn't loading? When trying to upload, the area where it's meant to go (with the automatically added grey head) just spins and spins forever and ever and ever and ever (ad infinitum!!!). 😠 Extremely annoying, but am I doing something wrong or is it a website issue? The image is very small at only around 670kb and I'm using a Google Chrome browser. Correct answers only, not on a postcard please 😁
Surreal Garden
Nov 20, 2021
In World Outside The Window
😀 Hello again to the folk of Dreamsville! It's taken me an absolute age to re-register on the new website, but I'm here at last. You may remember me from the past as Garden of Surreal Dreams, but while that still remains the name of my very occasional and ongoing musical sound project, I've decided to slim it down for my online moniker here. I've been checking in on Dreamsville shenanigans regularly though, so I think I'm mostly fully up to date on all matters Nelsonic 😎 Anyway, it's late now but I'll add a forum post here and there when I feel the need. I hope you are all well enough these days!

Surreal Garden

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