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Sep 10, 2020
In William's World
Did other members hear the recent playing of 'Do You Dream In Colour' on Guy Garvey's Radio 6 Sunday afternoon programme on (I think) August 30th? The track was selected by the Poet Laureate Simon Armitage who chooses a must listen to album each week and selects a track to play. Simon introduces the album and spoke about buying the 'Quit Dreaming And Get On The Beam' album and offered some background into its creating / recording in a small village hall? Interestingly Guy Garvey had not heard of Bill and was going to investigate further music of his! I don't know whether the programme is available to listen to on a playback facility - possibly BBC Sounds? I also recall that Simon's chosen album the week before was David Sylvian's 'Gone To Earth' and the track chosen was one with Bill on guitar?


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