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Phillip Lasley
Aug 15, 2020
In William's World
I wish there was some way of buying Mr. Nelson's back catalog CD's without being raped by greedy merchants. I don't want downloads. I don't do downloads. I want that physical CD in my hands just the way that it was originally released and presented to his fans by Bill Nelson. I am Old School - I do not want my music collection resting in some dubious hard drive somewhere or burned to a CD-R. 500 print run - I get that (but I don't like it). Example: Roughly $200.00 (incudes tax and shipping to the U.S.) for a Near Mint copy of "Perfect Monsters" that was released in 2016? And a physical CD copy of the lovely "Custom Deluxe" - good luck finding a Near Mint copy without paying a greedy merchant's "fair" price. I know, I know - supply and demand. I just want to own CD's of Bill Nelson's exquisite musical output. Thank God I was in the loop and pre-ordered a copy of "The Jewel" (fantastic album) from Burning Shed when it first posted - check out prices now on the Internet for that 500 CD print run delicacy. I want them all - in Near Mint condition or something close to that. Yes, I am an anal retentive music collecting completist for Bill Nelson's music - I just wish I'd been in the loop about 10-15 years ago. Unfortunately I was in the dark until about a year ago that Bill Nelson had such an abundant solo career. Playing catch up now. It is very costly. How about Esoteric re-releasing some of these out-of-print gems? "Noise Candy" is one of my music prized possessions. By the way, I've been avidly buying and collecting music that I want since 1971. I am an old fart.

Phillip Lasley

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