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Martin Coles
Nov 19, 2021
In World Outside The Window
Another sad loss - Mick Rock - THE photographer of 70's rock artists - has died. He was credited with Art Direction & Photography on Axe Victim, and I suspect photographed Bill quite often? Be good to see those photographs and hear Bill's recollections of his collaborator.
Martin Coles
Jun 15, 2021
In The World And His Wife
Here’s some new music that may be of interest to fellow Bill Nelson listeners. (I hope it’s OK to post a link to my bandcamp page here - I see others have done it). My first release for many years is an EP featuring some melodic pieces in my distinctive style, followed by some more "ambient" experiments with infinite guitar and strings. Enjoy - and please let me know your thoughts. Thanks, Martin. Martin Coles just released Red Skies, check it out here Here’s what they say about it: “What’s that new sound? At long last… I’ve just completed some new music. Please have a listen at Let me know what you think. Thanks, Martin.”
My first release in decades content media
Martin Coles
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