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Andrew J.
Jan 02, 2021
In William's World
Hello, I've just this minute signed up for the forum and I wondered if anyone here has any information about the recording of 'The Love that Whirls' such as the Synthesizers, Drum Machines, Effects or Techniques used for the making of the album. I haven't been able to find much out from searching the internet , there were some really interesting interviews from 'Sound on Sound' about the Echo Observatory but they were from some time later. I read that Bill used a Yamaha CS 70M but I don't know if that was used on 'The Love that Whirls' as it only came out at the time the album must have been recorded. Anyway the album made a great impression on me, I have always been struck by the ambient instrumental tracks, I could listen to whole albums of those type of tracks particularily. I hope every one enjoyed Christmas and New Year and I apologise for my awkwardness in communicating .

Andrew J.

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