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Postcards From the Future

retrospective collection - 20 September 2004

Be Bop Deluxe

Postcards from the Future cover
Postcards from the Future page 2


01)  Axe Victim

02)  Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape

03)  Stage Whispers

04)  Maid In Heaven

05)  Sister Seagull

06)  Jean Cocteau

07)  Fair Exchange

08)  Ships In The Night

09)  Blazing Apostles

10)  Kiss Of Light

11)  Modern Music

12)  Twilight Capers

13)  Electrical Language

14)  Possession

15)  Islands Of The Dead

16)  Life In The Air Age (Live)

17)  Teenage Archangel

18)  Jets At Dawn (Smile Records Version)


Postcards From the Future is a CD compilation offering a simple introduction to Be Bop Deluxe. At the time collectors were drawn to it by the inclusion of both sides of the debut single "Teenage Archangel" and "Jets at Dawn", which had not previously appeared on CD, and had been out of print since circa 1980. The set was enhanced by a nicely illustrated booklet with a sleeve notes written by Nelson.



16 of the 18 tracks on this compilation album were taken from the six albums released in the band's lifetime issued between 1974 and 1978. See individual entries of those albums for full details including vinyl editions of the same material. "Teenage Archangel" and "Jets At Dawn" was issued on 7" in 1973, and had yet to appear on a Be Bop Deluxe retrospective.


This compilation is now out of print.

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