Feb 28

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Mar 2

Jeez, I remember seeing "Rollerball" on it's initial release. Twice.



Mar 2

Saw it twice as well. Don't remember how I got into the theatre the first time but somehow I did as I believe it was most likely rated R and I was a 10-year-old. I can remember telling friends at the time it was one of my favourite movies.


The soundtrack LP is cool as well.


André Previn (6 April, 1929 - 28 February, 2019), the composer, has just left us

Mar 10

Abyssic - Where My Pain Lies



These guys are playing with Monolithe (FR) on 21 April as part of a festival in Rotterdam. It starts at 14:00. I really want to go see them but it is Easter. My wife looked distinctly unhappy with me when I mentioned it. Decisions, decisions (I really must figure out emojis!)

Mar 16

The Exploited - Fuck the USA



Mar 20

THEATRE of HATE ~ Propaganda



Mar 21

Discharge ~ State Violence State Control




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