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The Strangest Things

Bill Nelson

retrospective collection - 4 October 1989

Strangest Things cover


01)  The Strangest Things, The Strangest Times (Giants Of The Perpetual Wurlitzer EP, 1984)
02)  Acquitted By Mirrors (Furniture Music single, 1979)
03)  The Spirit Cannot Fail (Chance Encounters In The Garden Of Lights, 1987)

04)  Fellini's Picnic (Map Of Dreams album, 1987)  
05)  Dancing In The Wind (Touch And Glow single in the Permanent Flame box set, 82)
06)  Instantly Yours (Do You Dream In Colour? single, 1980)
07)  Heroes De Lumiere (Simplex album, 1990)
08)  Um, Ah Good Evening (extra track from the UK CD version of the Optimism album, 1988)
09)  Several Famous Orchestras (Sex-Psyche-Etc EP, 1985)
10)  A Dip In The Swimming Pool Reactor (Chamber Of Dreams album, part of the Trial By Intimacy set, 1985)
11)  Youth Of Nation On Fire (Quit Dreaming And Get On The Beam album, 1981)

12)  Eros Arriving (The Love That Whirls album, 1982)
13)  Short Wave (extra track from the UK CD version of the Optimism album, 1988)  
14)  Life In Your Hands (non-album single, 1989)


The Strangest Things is a compilation album issued by Enigma Records covering the ten year period immediately after Nelson had disbanded Be Bop Deluxe and is exclusive to the US market.

While the UK market got Duplex, the US were treated to this rather different compilation, which is best described as falling somewhere between Duplex and The Two Fold Aspect of Everything. The collection (issued on CD and cassette) mixed album tracks with rarities, acting as a sampler for the Enigma series of reissues, but offering the collector something beyond that at the same time.



There are no plans to reissue this compilation, although all but track 14 have been reissued fairly recently, or are expected to be again in the near future.

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