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Apr 12, 2020
In William's World
Hi All. This is my first post. It's about old music, and it's technical, so forgive me if that's inappropriate. I am spending part of the lockdown trying to improve my playing by working on the basics (in this case, learning the fretboard better, getting better at major scales, and improving my speed and accuracy). Because just repeating abstract scales is boring, I've decided to do this by pulling out Live! In the Air Age, an album I loved as a teenaged weirdo in Flint, Michigan, and learning all those jaw-dropping solos. On some solos, I've had to slow the recording down to hear the details, but even with that, I'm stuck on Mill Street Junction. The fast major runs are too fast for me to catch at full speed, and unclear (due to the effects and general brand craziness) when I slow down the recording. I've never read tabs before, but I did look at the tab on this site for that one just to get help (I guess there are no other recorded versions of this tune). So my question is: I have assumed that Mr. Nelson plays his major scales in their standard (caged, I think it's called) positions. But the tab here suggests that he's using a newer (I think) approach, where you sort of play three notes of the scale on each string. Being old, I've never learned that way of playing the major scale, but if doing so will help me unlock these solos, I'll do it. So... does any of you know how Bill Nelson approached the major scale positions during this period of his playing?


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