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May 10, 2022
In William's World
Ok So. I was in this like recording studio place or something eating dinner with some people, and then BILL NELSON came. So at first I played it cool so he wouldn’t think I was a complete loser, so for a while I just ate food. Later on, someone left or something and bill nelson was saying goodbye to them and he was at the door, so I went up to him so we can talk further away from most people. He seemed to not be too disturbed by my presence. So first, I asked him if I should call him william. (which is his real first name) and he said “what do you think”, but like, not in a rude way. So I said “probably not I assume? So should I call you bill nelson then?” And he said yes. So then he told me to take off my mask, and I did. And he gave me a kiss on the cheak . 😳I don’t remember anything after that, maybe I woke up after or just nothing interesting happened and I just stood there for a while. Again please don’t make fun of me I’m sensitive 😭😭 Probably my alltime favorite dream though holy shit ☺️☺️


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