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Mar 07, 2019
In William's World
So, a lapsed, long term Bill fan here. My first BN album was Getting the Holy Ghost Across bought from Boots in York on account of the 'what the hell is going on here' cover?!! (Not remotely religious but always deeply spiritual....) I then bought pretty much everything post BeBop days and some of the early Bill stuff is still my favourite. Joined the Cocteau Club and somewhere in the attic are a load of 7" singles. I think my last vinyl album was probably Optimism then my musical tastes drifted off in other directions and I lost touch. Over the years I did pick up four or five other albums on CD - Buddha Head, Electricity Made Us Angels, Captain ????'s Circus (!), After the Satellite Sings but that was about it. This Christmas my present from my wife was money to 'indulge' in music, video-games, books etc etc of my choice. I took a punt on Quiet Bells which is now an absolute favourite and recently I bought Auditoria which, again, I very much enjoy. Now, my favourite Bill stuff has always been the more instrumental, ambient, introverted(?), spiritual music - I do love the sheer energy, creativity and invention of the two 'bookend' discs of Auditoria but I am naturally drawn to disc 2. In the same vein I always loved the instrumental pieces of The Love That Whirls and discs like Chance Encounters, singles like Villefranche, albums such as Simplex, Map of Dreams etc are still firm favourites. I saw Bill and Ian perform Altar Pieces at Wakefield Cathedral years ago and cassette number 306 is sitting on my bookshelf. (Had the Channel Light Vessel stuff too.) Anyway, long story, cut to the chase. I'm wondering what I've missed, in terms of albums like Quiet Bells, whilst I've been away? What would be people's recommendations? I hope I've described the type of Bill's music I most love clearly enough?? I was tempted by Silvertone Fountains the other day but it's currently unavailable. And finally, thank you Bill, thank you for all the wonderful music over the years. So much pleasure and thoughtful 'brain candy'.


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