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Mark J
Mar 10, 2020
In William's World
Savoring the Sunburst Finish, Futurama, and Modern Music boxes sustained my appetite for BBD nostalgia through 2019. But, well, we are knee deep in 2020 now and I hope it is not too gluttonous of me to start to hanker for another portion. Any thoughts, rumors, conjecture, or petitions to sign?
Mark J
Dec 04, 2019
In William's World
I have been loving the deluxe treatment that Sunburst Finish and Futurama received. No doubt Modern Music will be just as nice. Which leads me to the following assertion.... the live album would do well with us rabid fans. Especially nice would be in the inclusion of some of the missing tunes that showed up later on the compilation album. I have spoken my peace. As you were.

Mark J

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