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Remember your first Be-Bop gig?...
In William's World
Jeff Wells
Apr 08, 2020
Hi Bill, I am not mistaken about the comment; perhaps you will allow me to expand on it a little more as to why it has always stayed with me. At the time I was an apprentice, poorly paid and practically broke, I didn't drive and getting to and from the gig was a fairly big issue for me. I had bought everything that Be Bop had released, right from Axe Victim, and, even though I was disappointed that Be Bop was no more, I thought that the Red Noise Sound on Sound album and vibe was great, so much so that I even had my hair cut to match yours. My old-school works foreman at the time was pleased with the haircut (very smart) but I was not getting a great response from my mates regarding the album, the exception being the lad I went to the gig with. This situation wasn't exclusive to the Red Noise album - I was a massive Roxy Music fan also and my mates were not keen on them either - all of which has since changed - now that they are older (and wiser?) they listen to Be Bop, Red Noise and Roxy as though they have always done so. It perhaps shows how ahead of its time the Sound on Sound album was. So, having been a long-term fan, being really into the SOS album and the Red Noise vibe, having the cost and issues getting to the gig etc, hearing the "suckers" comment shocked and disappointed me, that is how I remember it so well. However, another post has mentioned that the music wasn't received all that well at the gig; I don't remember that, but, if it wasn't, then there may have been some frustration on yours / the bands part - maybe that was the basis for the comment. I can remember it as clearly as if it were yesterday though. Re: the incident of the drumstick hitting my mate on the head - having come into contact with it, he didn't manage to pick it up - someone else grabbed it first, which he still comments on to this day. It is the only gig that I have attended where drumsticks were thrown into the audience - was that another sign of frustration too? As most of the concerts that I go to now are given by large orchestras , I hope the person on Timpani doesn't take up the practice. Sorry to hear about the issues regarding the Rocketeers album etc. It is a good piece of work and really nice to see and hear after all this time. One more thing if I may - I now find myself as one of the older members of a rock / blues band who have as their main guitarist a slip of a lad who can play guitar like I could only dream of. I have introduced him to your music - Crying To The Sky, Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape (from the Live In The Air Age alum), The October Man from the Rocketeers album - and more - and he is hooked. I have always liked your music and still spread the word whenever I can. Please accept my best regards.

Jeff Wells

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