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Apr 12, 2020
In William's World
Hello there, here comes a technical question and it might sound stupid for someone. Bill was a producer of a 1997 (recorded in 1996) album Yablokitay (Яблокитай) of a Russian band Nautilus Pompilius where he recorded some guitar solos and played some other instruments as well. The abundance of the sounds used in the album amazed me: the sort of "tribal"drum sounds or creppy haunting ambient sounds and "evil" piano sound like in the song "Нежный Вампир (Gentle Vampire)", and of course the cry-like guitar solos in several songs. The Bill's work on this album is unbelievably great, to be honest and it is a pity no one knows about this work of Bill's outside the Russian community. So there comes that stupid question whether someone knows what guitar and synthesizer he might have been used at that time? :) Update: here is the link to take a look at the album:
What instruments did Bill use as a producer in 1996? content media


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