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David Inch - transistor radio!
Jul 25, 2020
In World Outside The Window
Fleetwood Mac co-founder has died aged 73. One of Bill’s many influences - RIP
David Inch - transistor radio!
Nov 10, 2019
In William's World
I wasn't expecting this at all on the guitar change to his golden 'Scotty Moore' Peerlees Gigmaster SC guitar, on what initially appeared to be no more than a little interlude on the strings we were treated to a rendition of Elvis Presleys 'Mystery Train'. I nearly fell off the edge of my seat ;-) what an amazing night we all enjoyed. Anyone care to provide the Setlist? Finished with an encore of 'Sleepwalk' Gus G1 guitar Bill points to the pickups on his Astroluxe Custom
Wow! Bill on vocals... 'Old Haunts' gig content media

David Inch - transistor radio!

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