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Aug 01, 2020
In William's World
Just roused the neighbours with my annual Jets at Dawn observance. "The calendar said first of August." It does indeed. I've been doing this [every year I remember, which isn't all of them] for about 40 years. It reminds me of summers past, loves lost; a general melancholy, but tempered by that kind of "England between the wars" reminiscence, of innocence, cricket on the village green - something I don't think ever truly existed but seems to linger as some kind of odd 'racial memory' - probably based on old black & white movies rather than reality. Every year I ask myself, "Would it have been better if that guitar had been in tune?" Every year, the answer is, "No". I'm normally very sensitive to tuning, but I really like the fragility it gives to the overall track. Beautiful.


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