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Aug 31, 2021
In The World And His Wife
I'm unsure as to the etiquette on this forum about selling BN related stuff, so wondered if any more senior members could advise? I have a collection of BN CD's going back many years, including an original copy of Noise Candy. Sadly, C-19 is well on the way to closing my business as a photographer down, so I'm reluctantly selling some stuff to try and keep going until the dam breaks......hopefully! :-) Is it permitted to offer items for sale here, or is it best to list them on Fleabay/Discogs and then post a link? Apologies if this is off limits, but shy bairns get nowt. PS - L!ITAA 3 CD set landed a couple of days ago - fabulous. The new production of the original, plus the HO concert are tremendous, and Bill's sleeve notes are worth the purchase price alone.
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