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Remember your first Be-Bop gig?...
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Aug 31, 2019
I'd been looking for the date I first saw BBD, which I recall being on a Saturday in Hertford approx June 1975. I found the post about tour dates, on the old forum, which ends with a discussion about Saturday June 14 1975. Perfect Monster seems to resolve this by giving a link to an advert for the entire Futurama tour, that shows Oxford Poly for that date. The discussion concerned the fact that there was a BBC concert broadcast on that day of the band playing Golders Green Hippodrome. The curious thing is that I remember that when I went to see them, I heard the concert on the radio in the pub beforehand. I say "curious" because it seems unlikely I went to Oxford, which was a long way from where I lived at the time, when they were playing at Victoria Palace in London the next day, which would have been much more convenient. Yet apart from that it ties up perfectly with the idea that the broadcast was a recording that aired on the day of another gig, i.e. the one I went to. Hertford is not on the advertised tour schedule at all. Could the venue have been changed from Oxford to Hertford after the advert was published? Incidentally I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise to Bill for my behaviour at that gig, because my other memory of it is standing right at the front directly beneath him, very earnestly giving him "full attention" and "shining with bright eyes" at the key moment during "Axe Victim". I will never forget his pained expression, I guess it happened at every gig that some idiotic teenager gave him this treatment! Also saw them at Bracknell Sports Centre on 29/1/77, probably the same gig as Major Snagg.
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