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Invisibility Exhibition

I wonder if any of you attended the 'Invisibility Exhibition' concerts I gave in the 1980s? Here's a photo' of me at one of those performances, (complete with blonde hair!)

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Yes, I was there. It *was* a wonderful evening. The Japanese ladies were The Frank Chickens, if I remember correctly. The Yorkshire Actors also performed (the Cabinet of Dr Caligari [?] ) to a soundtrack by Bill, and one of their number played violin in an encore duet with bill on e-bow guitar, which for me was the highlight of the show after Bill's own set. I didn't really know what to make of Richard Jobson's performance, despite his plea to "please try to understand".


I went to the Dominion Theatre show. It was a wonderful night. Timeless.


I was there in London! Jobson and a crazy Japanese girl band!?

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