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Nelsonica 02

Live from the Lounge of the Astral Motel


After the success of Nelsonica 01, and the suggestion from Bill that if the organisers were to facilitate another convention...then he would consider playing live, well this was an opportunity not to be missed!

Event organiser, Alan Myers (who also ran Bill's UK-based website at the time), looked for a new that was a little more suitable than the small function room of the previous year's Bay Horse!  
The perfect venue was secured, so on Saturday 7th September 2002 after a break of nearly 40 years, Bill and his band returned to play live at the Duke of Cumberland in North Ferriby, near Hull.
This time though, the band wasn't the early line up of Be Bop Deluxe, but a brand new band of friends and acquaintances that Bill had pulled together going by the name of The Lost Satellites...

They consisted of...
Bill Nelson - Guitars & Voice
Bogdan (Bob) Wiczling - Drums
Ian Nelson - Saxophone
Ian Leese - Bass & Backing Vocals
Dave Standeven - Guitar
Steve Cook - Keyboards
Jon Wallinger - Keyboard & Acoustic Guitar

After just two days of rehearsal, the band had managed to learn 6 songs to present to a group of fans that had waited far too long for this to happen.

Elle & Elliot Nelson played a great support role, with their band Honeytone Cody.
Bill then performed a set with his brother, Ian, on saxophone and clarinet.
After a short break, 'The Lost Satellites' were led onstage by one of Jon Wallinger's friends wearing a rabbit mask!
The rabbit reference was due to Bill commenting that to get the band together he would "need to pull a rabbit out of the hat"...
Those 6 songs that were performed, must have made an impact as it established the start of a long run of annual conventions which always included a live performance in some form.


Nelsonica 02 also saw the birth of the 'Convention Album', a CD that was given to each attendee as part of their ticket price.

'Astral Motel' was also one of the the first of Bill's 'Cottage Industry' releases, with the remaining copies being sold exclusively through Bill's website (Rooms With Brittle Views).

Bill Nelson - Astral Motel cover

Click the image to view the programme!

Here's a few pictures taken by the very talented Martin Bostock...

And here are a few fan pictures...

If you have any pictures or recollections of the day that you would like to share - please get in touch!

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