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Nelsonic Starliner


Do any of you have information on the Nelsonic Starliner LP which I understand was designed by and produced by Bill Nelson. The info I have says they were a better build at a more cost friendly price than the Gibson and I couldn't agree more. Gibson sued and shut the production down. I am the proud owner of one that I play daily. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

hmmm, I think the only connection with Bill Nelson is purely coincidental.


To my knowledge the only guitars with design input from Bill and that bear his name are :-


a) Campbell American Nelsonic Transitone (limited edition of 100)


b) Eastwood Guitars Bill Nelson Astroluxe (limited edition only 24 made, so pretty rare)


c) Eastwood Guitars Astroluxe Cadet


I'm fortunate to own copies of a) and c)



Some discussion about the Nelsonic LP guitar here I think







Jeff, thank you very much for the comment and the info. Still a grand instrument regardless of who built it and I am even prouder now to have such a rarity in my collection. Best wishes.


Jeff, I could not resist temptation and am now the proud owner of the Astroluxe Cadet...all thanks to your post (and, of course, Bill's involvement)!

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Don't know anything about a 'Nelsonica Starliner' I'm afraid. It has absolutely zero personal input and nothing whatsoever to do with me. Sounds as if it might have been one of those illicit Chinese knock offs. I know John Backlund has suffered from some unauthorised Chinese copies of his instruments and that they were really cheaply made and not good at all. 🤔 The only authentic signature guitars I've authorised are the Campbell Nelsonic Transitone and the two Eastwood made 'Astroluxe' models. Anything else is just a con. Don't get fooled.

Found this many years ago, i think before Bill's signature models had appeared. A guy in the US called apparently Greg Nelson and his company 'Nelsonic' selling Korean made guitars. This is the Bill De Ville model, even uses the atom symbol logo on the headstock. Small world as they say.


Looking at the above photos, the guitar looks very much like a 'Peerless' built product, it's definitely in the style of a Korean made instrument and does not, to me, look like it was made in the 1970s. 'Peerless' have built guitars for lots of other companies. Even D'Angelico guitars are built in Korea these days. I'd say it looks more like a 21st Century made guitar.


Strange that the words'Nelsonic' and 'Bill De-Ville' are being used. I coined the word 'Nelsonica' way back in 2000 when the first fan event was staged, though I'd used 'Nelsonic' earlier in an old fan magazine.


The first product bearing the 'Nelsonic' name was my Carlsbro signature custom, amplifier which I used on the 2004 UK tour. After that came my Campbell built 'Nelsonic' Transistone guitar followed by the two Eastwood models, (which don't carry the 'Nelsonic' logo.) I wonder if this guitar company simply tried to cash in on the fan-base by using the name and claiming an earlier pedigree? Hmmm...

From the discussion referred to above:


"Well, I'm afraid you got the short end of the money deal,(Value: $100 +/-) if that's one of the bolt-on neck models I've seen. I also think the build date is closer to 2002.


From the company c. 2001:

"Nelsonic guitars began in 2001 with one premise: Consistently high quality instruments at a fair price.

To insure that every Nelsonic guitar is worthy of the Nelsonic name, all of our instruments are produced in limited quantities by a single employee owned facility. We combine a high degree of craftsmanship with our experienced team of technicians to fully inspect and set each instrument to our precise standards.

We feel that the end result of our effort at Nelsonic is an instrument that rivals those costing several times more, and we feel that you will, too.

All Nelsonic guitars are manufactured in South Korea and professionally setup in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Keep Jamming,

The Nelsonic Guitar Team"


I can find no record of the company after 2004, the name a

was never registered as a trade mark or a Wisconsin business name.

Did find this old info:

Nelson, Greg

Nelsonic Guitars

37xx S. xxxxx St.

Milwaukee, WI 53207

(phone) 414-482-xxxx.


No idea whether he's still buying Korean imports and rebranding, but this is a residential neighborhood with no retail.

They are quite good, by most accounts. Its unusual branding may one day add monetary value and for now makes it a grand conversation piece."


Looks like another Nelson came up with the Nelsonic name at about the same time as Bill did.




Jun 29

Anyone who managed to get a Bill Nelson signature Eastwood 'Astroluxe Cadet' guitar, got a truly wonderful instrument, so for one, Kevin Kerr (above), who's a lucky boy then?..


Here's an official Eastwood Guitars video, featuring RJ Ronquillo demoing this guitar...he's a really great player, so listen to how fantastic the guitar sounds in his hands, I think he really does it justice in this short 8 minutes...and then drool at how absolutely gorgeous it simply oozes quality and style.






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