Sep 4

Last Lamplighter booklet print issues


I have just tried to print out the booklet for the latest download release and it is the wrong size. The PDF is A5 size not A4, so the artwork is about 70% of the size it should be. Can someone put a new front and back PDF up on Bandcamp, please?

Sep 4Edited: Sep 4

Apologies for that slipped through the quality control net due to the rush to get the album made available. 🤬

The relevant booklet images have now been resized and are uploaded on Bandcamp.

I'm not sure if you can 're-download' the images from BC - if you can't, let me know and I'll send you the correct files.


Hi Jon,

Yes, I will need you to send the new PDFs to me. How do you PM on here so that I can give you my email address?

Sep 4

Had the same issue here. The one time I didn’t double-check the files or rebuild on my own.


So of course, it printed out too small at the print shop (my personal laser printer no longer working).


Will get to pay for printing it out again, tomorrow.



Sep 4

Hi Phil, I will send you the files too...

if anyone else needs them, drop me a quick email to and I’ll send the corrected files.

Sep 4

@Jon No worries here, as I rebuilt the files for myself.



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