Mar 4

Electric Atlas - Digital download available on Bandcamp!


Edited: Mar 4

Thanks for the notice. I just purchased this plus 'Loom' from Bandcamp. Keep them coming!

Got it!!!! Im a very happy man!! Listening right now and loving it!! Thanks Bill !!

I am lucky enough to have gotten the cd. This is one of my favourite BN releases. If you don't have it, you should definitely check it out. 'Searching for Utopia and other Shangrilas' is one of Bill's loveliest pop songs. A must have.

I figured by listening to the sample tracks through the years, this CD would be one of my favorites. Purely satisfying all the way through. If you haven't already heard this CD, I totally recommend downloading it. If you have it already, what a winner in your possession. Many Bill Nelson development of sound and texures here. With genuine feels of rock, pop, folk and blues. Magnificent!

Let the back catalogue releases continue. I've now sourced all but 3 items for a complete year 2000+ collection. When will these be released; 'Caliban and the Chrome Harmonium', 'Secret Club For Members Only' and 'Astroloops'?

Mar 5

'Tis a great un. Again, for me the Bandcamp format invigorates or reinvigorates the material, for whatever reason. For example I had completely forgotten about the track 'Golden Moments' and what a great track 'tis, too. I noticed that on my iTunes, this track doesn't even have a heart to the left of it what to speak of five stars to the right of it. Well ... that must change right now.

Mar 5Edited: Mar 5

I was unfamiliar with this album when I got the notice from Bandcamp that it was available. I will admit that I do not purchase every single album reissued as they come at a brisk pace. However, upon listening to a few excerpts, I had a hunch this was one I needed immediately. Good call. It is instantly one of my favorites of Bill's albums...and I have many.

Mar 9

Many interesting textures and moods.

Greetings Folks.


Electric Atlas has certainly reeled me in. Was delighted and surprised to find Bill’s music on Bandcamp, which I use for my ambient music frequently. What a great album, high on melodic greatness and quality tunes. Difficult to choose a favourite track but possibly “picasso” which stood out immediately.


So that’s now 4 downloads, two CDs and the Sunburst box set in the last fortnight . I’m hooked, again.

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