Jun 5

'The Years' - now available as a digital download


If you missed out on one of the limited edition CDs, Bill has now made available 'The Years' on his Bandcamp page - a great instrumental album.

Check out the album details, samples etc. in the Discography section of Dreamsville.

Jun 5

I’ve been waiting on this for… uh…



Jun 5


This one caught my ears immediately and I return to it more frequently than most other Bill releases. Can quite put my finger on it, but it strikes me as being broadly cinematic and what Bill would (or does) sound like if he were to accompany an orchestra with his guitar. Mind you the orchestra has all the Bill flourishes and some fun upbeat drum beats. Overall it’s short and sweet and probably most unlike anything else he’s recorded. At least to these ears.

Jun 5Edited: Jun 5

'The Years' carries a certain amount of nostalgia or longing for past times. In some ways it's an 'easy listening' album, but, (as Michael observes above,) broadly cinematic in style.


Tracks such as 'Southport' hold a resonance for me as that particular West coast English seaside resort, (after which the track is named,) carries fond memories from childhood. But it also connects with Frank Hampson, who lived there, and who was the author and illustrator of 'Dan Dare', the great 1950s science fiction comic strip hero.


'The Years' is probably not an album that would interest the more orthodox rock music fan, but for those of you who enjoy a little romantic, melodic wistfulness, I would imagine it fitting comfortably in a warm place in your heart.

Jun 5

Always a very special cinematic dreaming, this one, and it’s great to have it in this format. Thanks for reminding us of the reference points: Grounds for further research for those of us who didn’t experience these people, places and things directly with you. We can indirectly experience these emotional resonances of your memories and experiences while listening, something which will never cease to amaze me, how that’s possible. ✨

Jun 5

I was just listening to this CD yesterday, and was reminded what a great album it is. I particularly like the title track, but it's a beautiful album all the way through.

Jun 22

Just a reminder that today is the anniversary of the original release of “The Years”, back in 2015.



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