Mar 11



Just uploaded a new journal entry. I think you'll find this one interesting. Three images attached too so remember to scroll down to see them all. 😉

Mar 12Edited: Mar 12

With regards to the photo' in the Journal entry of that early version of Be Bop Deluxe by the now-transformed location of the Ings 'tucks' shop, do you remember what colours your housecoat was? Seems quite a complex pattern on that!


Also I thought maybe the shoes were the same ones seen in the photo' from 1976 in Washington with the wristwatch and telly but I guess not.


Not all THAT different, though, really, those shoes.


Cool styles, either way.





Memorable photographs both .


Was jealous of kids with shoes like that in 1976 when I was a little kid. Did somehow manage to obtain a pair of Beatle boots around that age, though.


My guess is you had Beatle boots some ten years previous, in the '60s ?





Cool photo, similar to the 'No Freaks' photo that you used on the flyers. Was this from the same shoot ?

At what point did Richard Brown join , are there any photos with Richard in the line up ?

Nick always reminds me of Arthur Brown with the beard and make-up . What's in the case ? Banjo ? Thompsons sub-macine gun ? I remember as a child being rather alarmed by seeing a 'Ziggy' style individual on the Springs in Wakefield hmmm.... i wonder. ;-)

Thanks for that entry...always interesting what you're up to Bill...even though things seem to have been tough lately. You guys were very funkadelic in the early

Since you decided to get Cubase 10, I decided to see what my free Cubase LE 10 version was all about. It came with a audio interface I recently changed to. The download took about a day because I went through, hook your computer up with the ethernet cord if you can and maybe that will make it a faster download. Even when it was all done loading, there was still some kind of confusing Steinberg protocols I had to jump hoops with and had to contact their support. Finally, got it running and, after a bit of "fooling about with it", got some midi tracks working alright...haven't tried audio yet.

Cubase Pro 10 still seems like a very good program from what I've seen and I don't mean to discourage you or any other reader of this. Just hope the transition is somewhat smooth so we can hear some more cool music from you.

New Posts
  • Was watching You Tube just now and a great hour long video popped up all by itself! Visions, Hauntings, Hallucinations. Watching it now. Thanks Bill!
  • Just wanted to say a sincere thank you to everyone for their amazing kindness and warmth we were welcomed to last Saturday . As a lifelong fan of Bill Nelson it was an honour to be invited to the Old Haunts Event to represent our daughter`s charity Sara`s Hope Foundation A sincere thank you to Bill for his loyal support and having Bill as a Patron of Sara`s charity means so much to me and my family .Through Bill`s music I have met so many amazing people who we consider family . Ian Haydock, Eddie McSheffrey,Duncan Noons, Paul Gilby,Jon Wallinger,Martin Bostock, Caroline and Colin Hunter are such a great team and a lovely bunch of warm hearted people who always organise a wonderful event ..right from the Nelsonica`s to the recent event. I must say a big thank you to a great guy Mike Robinson for donating the magnificent guitar which Bill kindly personalised with his unique style of artwork. Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets for the charity prize draw and congratulations to the worthy winner.Another special guy who is a loyal supporter of Sara`s charity Paul Cosgrove presented us with a cheque for 322.50 from his work and our lovely friend from Ireland made a cash donation - Thank you Eugene and Noleen ! In total the charity raised an amazing 1679.50 GBP... We were over the moon but not surprised as Bill and his Nelsonian family have always been very generous to our daughters charity . Bill was is superb form and we loved every second of his live performance and were blown away with the Old Haunts album ...a magical and memorable day So thank you Bill , Emi ,Elle Elliot and Julia for your kindness and to Bill for making music which is both magical , unique and always connects with my heart - See you next year Warmest wishes Ged Julie Sara Mark and Faye xxxxx
  • Just taking a break from editing Saturdays pictures and thought I’d announce that there were a few signed prints left over from Saturday’s Old Haunts launch that I’m pleased to be able to offer for sale on a strictly first come first served basis. Prints are approx 19inches x 13inches. (Please note the attached pictures are quick snaps of the prints taken on my phone and do not reflect the quality of the printed item) The prints are Number 1 (limited to 20) Number 2 (limited to 10) Number 3 (limited to 20) There’s less than half of 1 and 3 and only 1 of number 2 left. Prices : 1 print £30 + p&p 2 prints £55 + p&p 3 prints £75 + p&p UK postage is £4 second class signed for. Please contact me for overseas shipping rates. Please email me at to reserve one. Cheers, Martin

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