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Another. new journal entry just posted dated 22 March 2019, complete with three images...check it out!

Mar 22Edited: Mar 22

I love the titles especially 'THE ANGEL WITH TELEVISION EYES' and 'PLASTIC MAC' ...

Thanks for that link, alec...looks very promising. I'm not sure those wines are available here in the UK though, more's the pity.

Mar 25

The title 'PLASTIC MAC' reminds me of this section of your MECCA MEMORIES journal entry from a day ago describing your first sight of Lynne Holliday :


It took a bit of nerve to walk out onto the dance floor and ask for a dance, we'd be worried about being rejected, but one time I'd spotted this girl in a black plastic mac' and short op-art patterned dress, dancing with a girlfriend. She looked a bit like Judith Durham from 'The Seekers' group, or at least she had a very similar hairstyle.

Good morning Bill, this past year I was knocking about in a very out of the way "Guitars and Cars" shop in the middle of Virginia U.S.A. I saw high up on the wall and out of reach of all but the shop owner a rare and expensive Les Paul. I remarked I could only dream of one of those. The shop owner told me he had something just as special that I might appreciate. He brought this beautiful Les Paul copy out. It was the most beautiful red I had ever seen on a guitar. Fit and finish superb. He brought down his cherished LP and plugged them both in and told me to have a go. I much preferred the play ability and sound of the red guitar (as did he) I assumed it must be well beyond my $ reach. To my amazement it wasn't. That guitar now belongs to me and I play it daily. The guitar is a Nelsonic Starliner. Blogs in the U.S. and some You Tubers attribute this guitar to you. It is such a wonderful instrument I wouldn't doubt you had everything to do with it. It is all original and will remain so. I gave it a polish, a set up and new strings. It stays in tune and sustains forever. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

New Posts
  • Just taking a break from editing Saturdays pictures and thought I’d announce that there were a few signed prints left over from Saturday’s Old Haunts launch that I’m pleased to be able to offer for sale on a strictly first come first served basis. Prints are approx 19inches x 13inches. (Please note the attached pictures are quick snaps of the prints taken on my phone and do not reflect the quality of the printed item) The prints are Number 1 (limited to 20) Number 2 (limited to 10) Number 3 (limited to 20) There’s less than half of 1 and 3 and only 1 of number 2 left. Prices : 1 print £30 + p&p 2 prints £55 + p&p 3 prints £75 + p&p UK postage is £4 second class signed for. Please contact me for overseas shipping rates. Please email me at to reserve one. Cheers, Martin
  • Track 1 on the rear cover reads, 'Gentle Sprits Prevail'! I take it should be 'Gentle Spirits Prevail'. If not what is Sprit? A Spirit with one 'eye'
  • Here is a flyer for my 'AUDITORIA' album which features a shot of Wakefield's 'Regal' ABC Cinema from the 1950s. I performed on that stage as a schoolboy in my band 'The Cosmonauts' and later with 'Group 66' and 'The Gibson Trio,' (when my mother and father sat in the balcony to watch me play.) Back then it looked as grand and glamorous as it does in this photo' but now it's a sad ruin and looks as if demolition is on the cards. Such is life...

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