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Avid lover of Bills music for, like, EVER. I need to share more of it. See my Facebook here, I tend to go back and forth from the strange, absurd & humorous, to posts on science, cosmology astronomy & art, to political rants and shares about my wretched president and political environment... and photos of my huge orange tabby tiger-cat Sherman, and other catallia.... Please visit me here, and you friend me and are a member here, please drop me a FB Messenger note letting me know you are from here as I tend to reject more requests from people with no mutual friends than I accept. I was a member of the old forum, and have only just joined the new one here Dec 2019.

[FYI: to see my latest 3D Facebook Photo post of Sherman in his 3D glory (screengrab below) copy this link URL, paste to browser address bar, click ENTER and follow 3D viewing instruction ]