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I’m a graphic designer who collects music, your best entertainment value! How novel! I like to make the CDs that The Man won’t willingly sell to me. REVO is my personal reissue label. It’s short for “Revolt Into Style,” after the Red Noise song/George Melly book. And, when you think about it; a way of life.


I've been writing about music on the web aince 2010. Searching for divinity in records from '78-'85 or so… The Fresh New Sound Of Yesterday®


Where did the Post-PunkMonk name come from? A friend of mine saw one of my Boxed Sets Of God® and ompared my efforts to a monk making an illuminated manuscript. He didn’t realize just how close to the mark he was on that! When you’ve spent five hours attacking noise transients in a single waveform out of the 30-40 tracks in such a collection, you might as well be duplicating manuscripts by hand! When I was fishing around for an angle after deciding to begin blogging in 2010, I remembered his comment and thus was born the Post-Punk Monk.

Post-Punk Monk
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